The Must See Video to Know Your Purpose

Finding your puropse is one of the most important things you can do. Suddenly your life has meaning; you know what to do..

Relaxing the Mind – Meditation

Miracles – How to have your own

Why wait for miracles to happen when you can take inspiration from these great sayings and teachers and create your own miracles!

Faith in God

A unique and poetic reading on a pragmatic approach to faith in God – what do you think?

Loving Life, Loving Yourself Quotes – Be Inspired

By learning to love yourself and love life, a new world can open up. Life takes on a whole new meaning and becomes so vibrant and meaningful. Let us help that journey with this video with profound quotes put to great music and video content

Water Memory Experiment

This video shows the method and result of Dr Emotos experiments on water molecules. The ‘intention’ is set and then the water is frozen and the resulting water crystals are observed. The resulting variety of results indicates the effect of human consciousness on water molecules. See for yourself….

Your Attitude Makes All The Difference

Most of the people who are instrumental in the human development arena credit ‘attitude’ as perhaps the greatest tool that each person has at their disposal. A positive, upbeat and focused attitude can bring powerful and beneficial results, whereas a weak and unfocused attitude easily leads a person to failure and mediocrity. This video has been created to help emphasise the importance of attitude and how to keep it powerful.

The Lights of the World

Here we have a great video by Brahma Kumaris that reveals the totally different experience of life depending on whether you are spiritually ‘switched on’ or switched off’. Which one are you?

The Art of Doing Nothing

‘Doing nothing’ can be so appealing and yet ‘doing’ ‘nothing’ is such a contradiction! In this video are a collection of wonderful quotes that reveal the true art of doing nothing.

Charlie Chaplin Amazing Speech

This video is based on the film by Charlie Chaplin ‘The Great Dictator’. Although it was made as a bit of a parody, he is also sharing some wonderful ideas. We have used Charlie’s speech along with some great video footage.

Words of Wisdom

Here’s our first Quotation Video for you. These quotes are carefully selected to take you on a short but meaningful journey of enlightened consciousness. Please enjoy…


The Whirling Dervishes of Rumi!

Get into the amazing rhythm and intoxication as these Dervishers start whirling. There’s also a simple documentary text within the video to help understand what’s going on.

The Great Bell Chant

Get lost in the depth and wonder of both the soulful chanting as well as the incredible video footage from around the world. Great to ‘disappear’ from the ordinary for a few minutes!

Chasing Closer

Showing scenes of devotion from around the world along with a song of deep invocation of the Divine

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