Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver

Yogi Bus DriverFrom Bus Driver to Yogi seems improbable, but this is the dramatic transformation that takes place in Simon’s life after his burning obsession for truth and a strange series of events leads him to the top of a mountain in India where he experiences a taste of enlightenment, and a profound out-of-body experience. Deep wisdom, understanding and realisation are what follow that fateful day of perfect synchronicity. His enchanting soul journey traversing continents, relationships, healers, psychics, mystics and yogis, and brings him to a place he never would have imagined in his wildest dreams. Soul Consciousness…

These memoirs are a humorous collection of quirky yet gritty stories shared in the form of inspiring tales, analogies and metaphors that empower the reader with skills to tackle the sometimes crazy world we find ourselves living within in today’s changing times.

About the Author:

Simon Ralph has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation for more than 15 years, and now facilitates workshops and seminars as well as giving public talks across the UK and Europe on topics connected to Meditation and understanding the true purpose of the self. He has travelled extensively throughout the world, and is deeply interested in consciousness and the knowledge of the soul, matter and God

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3 Responses to Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver

  1. Pierre says:

    Hi Simon!
    I see you’re getting around with WordPress :)))) Your brain must be exploding!!!…
    Keep on!


  2. avinash rawat says:

    harbir singh dhami brought that book to his parents in india . i am a stock broker and that book was given by his parents to me . i read some chapter closely , especially “letting go” chapter . the whole book is very intersting and i will read it many times . i am thankful to you for giving such a vast and deep knowledge .

  3. charanjit dhami says:

    thanks very much for sending your book , “soul journey of a yogi bus driver ” to INDIA with our son HARBIR . i have finished reading it , this morning, my knowledge increased so much , i will defintely move forward . thanks for all your examples and experiences . your books gave me lots of encouragement to move forward .

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