The Key To Happiness

key to happinessHere’s another little gem I loved when I heard it, originating from a Hindu legend. Author unknown.

Imagine a time when the gods were creating the Earth. They created the seas and the oceans; they created the forests and the whole of nature. They created the planets, the stars, and the sun and the moon. The stage was set for the drama of life to begin. They sat back and were pleased with their work. They then decided to put the actors onto the stage. First they put all the animals and living creatures. Then they put the first man and woman. They had finished.

But the head of the gods said, “Wait, we have forgotten one thing.” In his hand, he had the ‘Key to Happiness’. All the gods started arguing about where to put the key. “Let’s put it on the moon,” said one, “It will never be found there.” “Let’s put it at the deepest point of the ocean,” said another, “They will never find it there.”

“No,” said the head of the gods. “They will find it in those places. But if we put the key inside their own hearts, they will never think of looking there! Then we can all amuse ourselves watching them go to the moon and go to the bottom of the ocean looking for it.”

Where is it that we are looking for our own happiness? This is a very revealing question to ask ourselves. For this question, we will need a great deal of humility, honesty and courage, in order to be able to accept the answer that we receive.

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